Precision Rifle Reloading

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This intermediate course is intended for shooters who have some experience reloading and want to learn more about the process of loading bottle-necked rifle cartridges. This is not a beginner’s class. GOAL recommends taking Jim’s Basic Metallic Cartridge Reloading class and/or having a working knowledge of reloading metallic cartridges prior to signing up for this class.

Attendees will learn how to safely make rifle cartridges that are more accurate than factory ammo.

Topics include:

  • Component selection: Including the single most important step in making accurate ammo.
  • Proper brass sorting and case prep: The key to consistency.
  • Load selection: Learn why some loads are accurate and others are not.
  • Gauges & Tools: Because you can’t fix what you can’t measure.
  • Crimping: When it’s needed and when it isn’t.
  • Reloading rimmed and belted cases: Where following the directions is not always the right thing to do.
  • Loading for long range shooting.
  • Review of Pressure Signs: How to know when to back off.
  • Testing and Record keeping

The class will feature discussion and demonstration only. There will be no hands-on reloading. Prerequisites – Attendees should have some experience reloading metallic cartridges. This is a 4-1/2 hour class, starting time varies depending on day class is held, please check schedule for more information.

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