Progressive Carbine Training

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with Scott Germain of Center Mass Training

Progressive Carbine Training is a two-day course for those who have the basic fundamentals yet wish to improve their tactical skills. This is a hands-on, fast paced, live fire course with minimal time spent in the classroom. Starting with the combat mindset, the training covers specialized topics such as shooting and moving, barricade drills, strong and support side shooting, target discrimination and transition training.

Scott is a retired combat Veteran who served 25 years in the United States Army. He earned his Green Beret in 1993 and spent the next 20 years in the United States Special Forces and Special Mission Unit (SMU), retiring as a Sergeant Major (SGM) in September 2012. He has extensive combat tours throughout the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe including Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Scott has trained SOF Operators, FBI, SAS, NATO, and other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in small arms, heavy weapons and numerous other skills used today by our Military and federal law enforcement.

Equipment needed for class:

  • Ammo: 1000 rounds 5.56 ball 55 gr or 62 gr
  • Pistol Ammo: 200 rounds
  • Carbine w/Iron Sights
  • Optics (student choice)
  • Magazines for carbine (minimum of 3)
  • Sling (single point or two point preferred – please have it installed)
  • Holster – Belt for handgun +
  • Magazines for handgun (minimum of 3)
  • Magazine pouches or vest for all magazines
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Bring headgear and shooting gloves if desired
  • Proper Clothing for range day/weather (Plan on laying on ground and kneeling on ground during training)
  • Sun screen if desired
  • Paper and Pen
  • Water, drinks and food for the day, (lunch and breaks)(cooler)

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