WPRC E-Membership Appliaction

Application for Membership:

P.O.Box 771, Boylston, MA. 01505-0771 - Tel: 508-869-3148 (General Information)

Any citizen of the United States, whohas applied for or holds a valid up todate LTC/FID issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, may become a member upon completing this application, attendening an Orientation Meeting, review of the Executive Board, vote of the membership at a regular business meeting, and payment of appropriate dues and assessments. Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club members are required to maintain membership in the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and are encouraged to hold membership in anational pro-gun lobbying group such as the NRA, GOA, JFPO, etc. 


Personal Information

Full Name: [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-fname" ] [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-lname" ] |  Address: [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-address" ] | [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-city" ] | [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="State" ],  [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-zip" ]
Cell Phone: ([esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="Cell" ])  |  Home Phone: ([esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="Home" ])  |  E-Mail:  [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-email" ]
Occupation: [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-occupation" ]  |  Employer: [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="your-employer" ]
Previous Member:       [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="PrevMem" ] Previous Orientation: [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="PreviousOrient" ] U.S. Citizen:              [esigcf7 formid="488" field_id="USCitizen" ]


Member's Contract

I certify the information I have provided above is true, complete, and accurate. I authorize the ExecutiveBoard of the Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc., (the“Club”), and their agents and designees to investigate this information and verify my eligibility for membership in the Club. I understand that if I have given false or misleading information, my application will be rejected and/or my membership will be terminated without recourse. .

In consideration for my membership in the Club, I agree to forever hold harmless and indemnify the Club, its officers, directors, and members, from liability for any and all negligence or injury to person or property or any other loss I or my invitees may suffer while on the Club’s premises or while participating inany Club activity. .

I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and will abide by the Rules and By-Laws of the Club, and acknowledge that any violation of these Rules or By-Laws shall be grounds for my immediate dismissal from the Club.  .


Upon receipt/review of your application, an email will be sent to confirm receipt and advise on the status of your membership status

*All information provided will be kept strictly confidential*

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