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Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club, Inc.

New Member Application

Submitted Applications will be placed on wait list until space is available.

Application for Membership: Any resident of the United States, who has applied for or holds a valid up to date LTC/FID issued by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, may become a member upon completing this application, attendance of an Orientation Meeting, review of the Executive Board, vote of the membership at a regular business meeting, and payment of appropriate dues and assessments. Worcester Pistol & Rifle Club members are required to maintain membership in the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL.)

Procedure for new members:

  1. Complete and Submit the form below

  2. Attend an orientation meeting. Orientation meetings will be held in March or April. You will be emailed or called before the meetings.

  3. Prospective new members will be voted into membership at any regular business meeting. Business meetings are held at the clubhouse on the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm.

  4. If a candidate is not voted into membership within three (3) meetings of the completion of the New Member Orientation class, the candidate shall be dropped from consideration and must reapply.

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