Contact and Calendar Broken

As of 01/15/2019 – we were forced to do a code upgrade on PHP which was past End Of Life. Some of the modules that tie into the Contact form and the Calendar have been broken, very severely it would appear. The company we license the software from is looking at the site today. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I have tried to re-create the calendar for 2019 but that is not working either. We will change this message when a fix and or work around has been established. Thanks for your patience on this matter.

The IDPA Practice session and Match for January are cancelled.  The IDPA team will conduct an in-house training session on the IR range on Saturday 01/12/19.


The E-Board is looking for assistance.  We need one or two members to act as assistants / alternates for key positions.  Please call either Al Bonafiglio or Bill Hardell if you can help.
New Rifle Range

The new shooting stand is completed.  May be used immediately.  Please remember to pickup your trash, brass and close all doors and windows when done shooting!
Indoor Range

The Indoor Range Indoor has been painted and is now open.

Many thanks,

WPRC Team.