“Gun Law for the Massachusetts Resident”

All WPRC members are invited to the GOAL “Gun Law for the Massachusetts Resident” seminar. The highly informative session is conducted from 1800 to 2100 on January 14, at the club and taught by Jon Green, Director of Training and Education. This is an excellent opportunity to catch up with and refresh your knowledge of current Mass Firearms Law. Please RSVP to jongreen@goal.org with the total number of people in your party.


The construction teams are done at the club. The new gate has been installed and will only open with your key fob. Once you drive in the gate will close. When you leave you will have to use your key fob to exit.

Membership and Meetings

WPRC has reached full membership capacity. We are not receiving any new applications at this time. Please check our web-site for changes or additional openings for new membership.

Site Login Information

Dear Club Members,

We are receiving multiple requests regarding logon information and user accounts. Due to excessive spamming (sometimes of a nasty and inappropriate content) WPRC has decided that the best course of action was to remove the user account database that was on file. 93% of users had never logged into it and it was mainly the spammers that were utilizing and exploiting the account structure. As we did not have an active commerce interface, nor an interface to the the web gallery, it was deemed that there was no further need at this time to have the overhead of managing in excess of one thousand user accounts. If users want to post item's for sale, we ask that you do so on hard copy, inside the clubhouse (IR) when it re-opens.

Many thanks,

WPRC Team.