Club Opportunities

Are you interested in the future of the club?  Do you believe in yourself and the power of your convictions?  Do you want to make your mark on history (at least at WPRC)?  If so, you too can take your place as a member of the WPRC E-Board.  Open elections are held at the January Annual Meeting.  If you want to run for a position as President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Executive Officer contact Bill Hardell at bill.hardell@securitaasinc.com or 978-360-0535.  If you have what it takes, you too can have a seat at the Big Table up front!
New Rifle Range

The new shooting stand is completed.  May be used immediately.  Please remember to pickup your trash, brass and close all doors and windows when done shooting!
MA Gun Law Seminar  MA Gun Law Seminar - Dec 5th - 6:00pm-9:30pm Free to WPRC Members Pre-Register by sending email to jon@goal.org
Indoor Range

The Indoor Range Indoor has been painted and is now open.

Many thanks,

WPRC Team.