Bowling Pin Shoots

Pin shoots are fun, competitive, practical shooting that sharpens one’s handgun skills under pressure. Shooters are paired against one another, with the round winner advancing to the next level, until an overall match winner is determined. The shooter must clear the table to advance in the winner’s bracket. Shooters that are eliminated continue to shoot in the runner-up bracket. We have three separate matches for one fee $7 WP&R Club members are asked for a $5 donation.

We use ten pins and candle pins that are cut in half, the shooter starts at low ready loaded with six rounds, there are six pins on a table. Hand guns only, iron (open) sights no red dot, laser or compensator. Semi-auto and revolver any caliber is acceptable 9mm, 22, 38, 40, 44, 45, 357. Twenty-two shooters compete with centerfire. The first magazine is limited to six rounds but shooters load additional magazines to capacity. Typically shooters need approximately hundred rounds, bring more.

Registration begins at Noon, first shots at 12:30 pm after a mandatory safety briefing; we are normally done before 3pm, check the club calendar for dates. Join our Yahoo group to receive e-mail reminders of upcoming matches.

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