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Firearms Instructors


Whether you just got your LTC, planning on getting it, or an old pro, proper education and training is vital for safety and accuracy. 


The WPRC affiliated instructors listed here can teach you everything from basic home safety to advanced marksmanship.

WPRC Training Officer

Instructor: Scott Moberg

Phone: 978-771-3719


Accreditations: NRA Certified Home Firearm Safety, NRA Pistol

Courses Offered: NRA Home Firearm Safety, NRA Basic Pistol



Instructor: Mike Burchman

Phone: 508-361-4554


Accreditations: NRA Instructor and Range Safety Officer, MA State Police Basic Safety, Utah DPS/BCI CCW Instructor

Courses Offered: Home Firearm Safety Course - MA LTC/FID, Utah CCW Course


Down Zero Training


Instructor: Mike Follo

Phone: 781-793-4269


Accreditations: NRA Certified Instructor, Massachusetts State Police Certified Basic Firearms / Safety Instructor

Courses Offered: NRA Home Firearms Course, Basic Firearm Safety - LTC/FID (27 State Carry), RI Non-Resident Live Fire Qualification, Self Defense, Corporate Security Training

Straight Shooter, LLC


Instructor: Yosemit Marrero

Phone: 508-556-0737


Accreditations: MA State Police Basic Firearms Safety Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol + NRA Home Firearm Safety instructor, SIG Master Pistol/Rifle/Shotgun Instructor, Federal Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor

Courses Offered: NRA Home Firearms Safety course, Intro to Concealed Carry, Utah Conceal Firearms Permit class, Intro to Home Defense, Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Incident, Rhode Island Permit Shooting Qualification, Private 1:1 Range Instruction

101 Defense


Instructor: Scott Percival

Phone: 978-873-2298


Accreditations: Sig Academy Certified: Master Pistol Instructor, Low Light Pistol Instructor, Law Enforcement Pistol Instructor. Massachusetts State Police Certified Basic Firearms / Safety Instructor

Courses Offered: One on One & Small Group Private Coaching, Defensive Pistol 1 / 2 / 3,  New Shooter 1 / 2
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