Pistol Team

Interested in seeing how well you can shoot a pistol? Want to improve your skills and pit them against others in a competitive yet encouraging environment? WPRC is proud to sponsor an NRA-Affiliated Bullseye Pistol Club.

What is it?

Bullseye (also known as NRA Precision, Standard, or Conventional Pistol), is a sport where competitors run a set series of courses of fire, single handed, from a standing position. The course is the following sequence with NRA-standardized targets set at 50 feet (the length of our indoor range):

    • Slow Fire: 10 shots in 10 minutes on a B-2 target.
    • Timed Fire: 10 shots total fired in two 5-shot strings, with 20 seconds per string, average of 4 seconds per shot on a B-3 target.
    • Rapid Fire: 10 shots total fired in two 5 shot strings, with 10 seconds per string, average of 2 seconds per shot on a B-3 target.

What do you need?

You can get started with any .22LR repeating handgun in safe and serviceable condition, capable of firing five (5) shots without reloading. Revolvers and semi-automatics are welcome, and you may use any sights that do not project an image on the target (e.g., laser sights). Yes, red dot sights and scopes are acceptable.

When and where do we shoot?

The club meets from September to April every year. Practice takes place on Monday evenings at the WPRC indoor range.

Who do we shoot against?

WPRC competes in the Worcester County Pistol League. In 2023-2023, this pitted us against clubs from Ayer, Fitchburg, Hamilton, Hopedale, Leominster, Maspenock, Nenameseck, North Hampton, Riverside, Wallum, Woodsman and Worcester. Our shoots take place at our own club, and the results are tallied by mail/remotely (hence it's called a "Postal League").

Nervous about being a new shooter?

The team uses the top 5 scores from the team for each match, so you don't bring the team down if you're unpracticed or not quite your best during a match. This is similar to playing best ball in golf or pool.

Physically challenged or other-abled are welcome!

We're excited to have you join our ranks! Please contact us for details!

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